Golden Glass 2005
June 18, 2005

The coveted Tre Bicchieri award (Three Glasses, which is the top award) is given by
Gambero Rosso, the Italian Wine publication. The Slow Food Golden Glass event
was an opportunity to taste more than 100 wines awarded 2 or 3 glasses.
This year Slow Food San Francisco outdid themselves arranging food exhibitors to
complement the wine. Here is a list of who was there. For wine tasting notes click here!
Report on Food Purveyors

An SF Marina district restaurant served some great charcuterie on bread.

AG Ferrari
Asparagus Spears wrapped with pork cheeks on house made foccacia.
Yum Yum Yum.

Chez Panisse
House made brandade of local halibut on toast rounds rubbed with garlic, Olive Oil and fresh tomato. (Olio di Olivia)
A lot of garlic (which killed tastes buds for a few minutes) but great flavor. Yum.

Assorted housemade charcuterie
A Noe Valley Italian Restaurant They were very slow to slice and very conservative with their samples. We were unable to taste.

Marshall Farm
Honey tasting
The honey farm is located in American Canyon. We attended a Slow Food event there 2 years ago. Lots of honey! All kinds of flavors.

Massimo Gelato
Mango, Dark Chocolate, Moscato Gelato
They are in Watsonville, CA and make great gelato. We can buy it locally – but alas it’s not as good as these samples (probably due to transport freezing issues). We loved the Dark Chocolate from the first. It’s still amazing.

Scharffen Berger
The famed Berkeley Chocolatier.
Did I miss them?

Emporio Rulli
An assortment of authentic artisan cookies
The Italian pastry, cafe and wine shop in Larkspur (with SF locations). Italian style cookies. Good, fresh – needed coffee.

Harley Goat Farms
Goat Cheese Samples.
St. Helena Artisan Goat Cheese. I’m not overwhelmed by it, but it was popular at the show.

Swanton Farms
Strawberries and samples of their strawberry jam.
If you like strawberry jam you’ll like theirs. We need to find a local source for the Ollalieberry Jam – it was awesome.

Eatwell Farm
Information was available on how to join their CSA which has pickup locations all over SF.
Acme Bread
Bread all around
The fabled Berkeley bakery. Bags of cut bread at every table. Mostly baguette but some whole wheat – pain au levain?

Judy’s Breadsticks
Rounds spread with Bodega Goat Farm’s Queso Crema topped with Swanton Farms Olallieberry Jam – Wow!
Lovestick are made with organic whole grain and wheat flours, olive oil, barley malt, sea salt and yeast and handrolled in seeds.
These were so good I’m running out to buy the components and make this for breakfast. Wow. Makes goat cheese almost taste like mascarpone. YUM.

Bodega Goat Farm
Goat Cheese samples
A small family farm that produces pasteurized goat cheese by the same methods used in most of South America and in Peru. Try it with lovesticks from Judy’s and the Olallieberry Jam to make it shine.

Cowgirl Creamery
St. Pat & Fromage Blanc Samples
The hallowed Tomales Bay artisan cheese maker.
Both of these were a nice accompaniment to the wines.

Fresca Italia
A lovely selection of the cheeses they import.
A great Bay-area Italian Cheese Importer. Standouts included: Paglieriana, Cremosina and 3-milk Langhe Robiola.

For Notes on the Wines Tasted at this event, click here!

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