July 3, 2008 - Joanne

Pork Tenderloin with Dukkah, Saffron Rice & Seasonal Vegetables
Recipe Pork Tenderloin with Dukkah

1 pound Pork Tenderloin
1.5oz (3 heaping tablespoons) of Dukkah
2tbsp Olive Oil
1/8c Calvados or Apple Juice (preferably unfiltered)
1/2c of water
1/2c of water (to make sauce)

Pre-heat Oven to 350°F.

Coat the Pork Tenderloin with Dukkah on all sides

Coat the tenderloin entirely in Dukkah, rubbing it in where necessary.

Heat the oil in an oven proof shallow pan. Sear the tenderloin on all sides. (Be wary of popping sesame seeds, you may want to cover it while searing). Turn off the heat, pour the Calvados over the tenderloin. Then add the water to the pan, adding any remaining Dukkah, and swirling it around to pick up stuck bits.

Deglaze the pan and add some water

Cook in the oven until the internal temperature is 150°F. Remove the pork from the pan.

Sauce: Add 1/2c of water to pan drippings, (scrape up any stuck bits). The result should be that you should have a slightly runny sauce. Add water to taste. To thicken, put back in the oven for 10 minutes.

Crust of Dukkah on Pork Tenderloin out of the oven

Wait at least 10-15 minutes before slicing.

Serve with saffron rice and vegetables.

Dukkah is an Egyptian Spice mix with hazelnuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, cumin, coriander and salt. You can make your own if you wish to. I used The Occasional Gourmet’s Classic Dukkah Blend.

This is a great summer dish as it's relatively fast and easy. There is very little preparation and the resulting dish is light. The Dukkah adds a subtle flavor. This dish is also very good cold the next day.

Roll the Pork Tenderloin in Dukkah

Sliced Pork Tenderloin Coated with Dukkah

Sauce made from pan scrapings from the Dukkah crusted Pork Tenderloin

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