March 12, 2006 - Joanne

Plated Irish Stew

Joanne’s Irish Stew Recipe

Serves 8

3.5 lb Boneless Leg of Lamb cubed
1 lg Yellow Onion chopped
3 lg Leeks Chopped (white only)
10 sm or 5 lg Parsnips, peeled and diced (about 2c chopped)
4oz Bacon cut into ½” pieces
2 tbsp Butter
1/2c Flour
4 Lg Red Potatoes quartered and then thickly sliced
1 bunch med Carrots, peeled and chopped
½ lb Cremini mushrooms slices into 4
1 bunch of celery chopped (about 2-3c)
¾ btl of Chimay or Trappist Belgian Beer about 2.5c*
2-3 tbsp Olive Oil
1 lg Celeriac (celery root) peeled and diced about 2c
2.5c Water
2.5 Beef Broth or Stock
Salt and Pepper to Taste.

Preheat oven to 350°F

Add onion, parsnip, leek and bacon to cold pan and then turn on med heat. Cook until onions are turning clear and vegetables are softened. Then sprinkle flour over the mixture and cook an additional 3-4 mins until flour is cooked through.

Cooked Leeks


Remove leek mixture from the pan and add a splash of the beer to deglaze, and then olive oil and the mushrooms. After 2-3 mins of stirring and scraping turn up the heat to high and add the lamb. Brown on all sides.

Browned Lamb
When the meat is browned add the raw vegetables and stir well. 2 mins later add the cooked leek mixture and stir again. Season to taste. Then add 8c of beef broth/water/beer. Stir well and cover. Bring to a boil.

Place the covered pan in the oven stirring every 30 mins for an hour. After the hour, remove the lid and bake for an additional 30 mins uncovered.

Serve with crusty bread.

*Any brown beer can be substituted, like Newcastle, but it will have a different flavor.

Leg of Lamb
The uncubed Boneless Leg of Lamb

Bacon Leeks
Leeks and Bacon Waiting to be cooked

Quartered and Sliced Red Potatoes


Cremini Mushrooms Sliced

Add Lamb Lamb added to the Mushrooms

Add Liquids
Raw Vegetables Added

Ready for Oven
Liquids Added - Ready for the Oven!

Out of the Oven
After Cooking in the Oven for 90 mins at 350°F

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