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Fried Gubbeen Irish Farmhouse Cheese

Fried Gubbeen Recipe

Starter for Four
or a light lunch
paired with a small salad

This recipe was inspired by a dish served at the pub An Sugan in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. I thought it was a lovely idea to serve fried cheese with a chutney and thought I'd give it a try. Gubbeen is a washed rind Irish Farmhouse cheese which may be hard to find so you could try this recipe with a Red Hawk or a young Taleggio, instead. The cheese must be sliceable and wedges should be thick enough that they won’t melt instantly.

Gubbeen Irish Farmhouse Cheese

1/4-1/3 pound of Gubbeen or other washed rind cheese sliced into 4 wedges. (1/2” – 1” thick)
1c Panko (make sure it has no partially hydrogenated oil)
1 lg egg
1/2c Olive Oil for frying

*Chutney or relish to serve

Slice the cheese into wedges. If the rind is in good condition and looks appetizing (i.e., you would eat it) you may leave it on.

Place the panko on a plate or shallow bowl. break the egg into a small bowl (large enough to submerge the cheese slice) and whisk the egg with a fork.

Dip the slices coating the cheese on all sides and then place atop the panko pressing it into all sides to coat it. We had good results repeating the coating by redipping the cheese in egg after the first panko coating and then recoating in panko. For a lighter coating only dip once in egg and once in panko. A thicker coating gives more allowance for judging cooking time, so if you are nervous, double-coat the first time you try the recipe.

Fry the Breaded Gubbeen
Turned Gubbeen

Heat olive oil over high heat in a frying pan for a minute (to check, toss a piece of panko in and see if it sizzles or bubbles around it) and place the panko coated slices in the hot oil. The pieces will sizzle. You don't want the oil to burn or smoke so if it gets too hot turn it down to med-high. When the underside is golden brown flip the slices. If they are starting to melt flip them right away even if they haven't reached golden otherwise it will be difficult to do so. When the underside reaches golden remove from oil and serve immediately with a small dollop (tablespoon) of chutney on the side.
*We tried: the Fine Cheese Co's English Apple Pickle and Schoolhouse Kitchen's Bardshar Chutney and both were excellent with the cheese.

Fried Gubbeen Irish Farmhouse Cheese
Gubbeen Irish Farmhouse Cheese
Ingredients for Fried Gubeen
Setup breading for Fried Gubbeen
Ready for Frying
Coat the Gubbeen
Bardshar Chutney from Schoolhouse KitchenFine Cheese Co - Apple Pickle

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