June, 2005 - Joanne

Rustic Cherry Tart (Galette) Recipe

1 Pate Brisee or Pie Crust 10-12” Round – chilled*
25 large organic red-black cherries pitted – (Cherries should be perfect and ripe)
1 Pkg of Sicilian Organic Marzipan**
Tiny bit of sugar for sprinkling (optional)

Flatten Marzipan into a ½” disk (about 4” round) and place in middle of the pie crust round and pile cherries on top in 1 -2 rows. Make sure your crust is just warm enough to bend without cracking.

Starting at one point on the circle fold the edge of the crust into the middle, then make a pleat and continue clockwise until all sides are folded in and over the cherries – there should be cherries showing but they should not be able to roll out. Chill for 10-30 minutes. Heat oven to 400 degrees. Cook until done (the pastry is golden) about 25 minutes.

When you remove from the oven you can lightly sprinkle sugar over the top for a decorative effect. Serve by itself or with Whipped Cream or Vanilla ice cream.

* I used a “French Picnic” frozen pastry round. They are expensive (about $11 for two) but use the finest ingredients (butter, organic flour) and really fast and easy to use. Alternately you can make your own pastry rounds and use them fresh or freeze for next time. Note: The French Picnic people use waxed paper rounds on each side of the pastry round which easily peel off when the pastry is still cold.

**I bought The Sicilian Organic Marzipan at Whole Foods. It’s really wonderfully fresh tasting. If you like your tart less sweet you can use half the bar – or to your taste.

Alternate Filling Suggestions: I use what's in season... blueberries, peaches, apples, etc.

Peaches & Raspberries - Use 2-3 medium yellow or white peaches skinned & sliced and 1/2c of raspberries. Use 1/4c of raspberry jam on the bottom instead of the Marzipan.

Figs - 4-5 Perfect and ripe figs. Optional - Use 1/4c Fig Jam on the bottom.

Raspberries - 1 pint of perfect raspberries. Use 1/4c Brandy Butter on the bottom.

Unbaked ready to go - Peach & Raspberry Galette

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