June 2005 - Joanne

Beef Stock Recipe

4 lbs Beef bones Cut Up (about $9 at Whole Foods)
1 yellow onion
1 small bunch of carrots
1 good-sized celery heart chopped
1/2 c tawny port
1 lg sprig fresh rosemary about 6”
2 bay leaves
15 white peppercorns
16c Cold water to cover
2 tbsp olive oil

Tie herbs in cheesecloth or use a stainless herb ball.

Saute Vegetables in olive oil. Deglaze pan with port.

Add beef bones and herbs. Simmer until reduced to about half. Skim fat and cook Stock.

This recipe netted about 7 cups of beef stock after 1 1/3cups of Fat were skimmed.

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