September 27, 2005 - Joanne

Sweet Potato-Crusted
Ahi Tuna Recipe

Ahi tuna atop crushed sweet potato chips

2 lbs (or thereabouts) Ahi or Albacore Tuna (Sashimi Grade if cooking rare)
1 bag of sweet potato chips or mixed sweet potato/beet chips
(optional) 2 sheets of Toasted Nori (for rolling sushi)
Olive Oil (if you sear in a sauté pan)

In a food processor fitted with the metal blade process the chips and the nori until crumbs. The mixture will be clumpy because of the oil in the chips – that’s okay.

Put the crumbs on a plate and press tuna into it on all sides until it’s completely coated.

Heat a grill pan until very hot and sear the tuna on both sides. About 4 minutes per side for rare (depending on size and thickness of tuna). You can precut the ahi into portions before crusting it so that all sides are coated for best presentation.

Slice the tuna against the grain and serve with steamed greens.

When we had this at the salt tasting I served it with wasabi cream – which was 1 container of crème fraiche mixed with 2 tbsp of good quality wasabi powder and a dash of soy sauce.

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