December, 2006 - Joanne
Tommette Morgee au Seyssel
Joanne's Great Cheese Find:

Tommette Morgee au Seyssel

> From affineur Herve Mons’ we enjoyed Tommette Morgee au Seyssel from France's Rhone-Alps, Haut Savoie region. It’s a small round cheese which is washed in a local white wine called Seyssel or Syssel (which is fruity like a marc). Morge or Morgee mean washed rind or “smear ripened”. The cheese is a mixed milk pressed cheese (raw cow & goat’s milk) with a soft pate and a washed rind Tommette Morgee au Seyssel is similar to Tomme du Berger (from Haut-Provence).  It has pungent earthy element to it but retains some of the fruitiness from the wine it’s washed in.

Tommette Morgee au SeysselTommette Morgee au Seyssel

Joanne’s tasting notes:

Butterfat on the cut surface at room temperature. A firm almost hard cheese.
Reddish orange washed rind is hard. Meaty texture. Paste holds form in mouth.
The aroma is both fruity and floral, and reminds me of Comté.
There's definitely a salty element to the finish.
Finish reminds me of pureed walnuts – a hint of tannin.
Buttery film left in mouth – a creamy butter at room temperature - butterfat and oily.

Dean & Deluca label for Tommette Morgee au Seyssel

Where to Buy?
At this time I haven't found Tommette Morgee au Seyssel in stock anywhere.
Your best course of action is to check with
any cheesemonger who carries Herve Mons' cheeses.
I suggest calling Murray's Cheese Shop in New York City.

Wine Pairing?
Since wines from Seyssel are not often found in the US, I would suggest trying a white wine from Savoie or a sparking wine with Tommette Morgee au Seyssel.

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