Jack's Great
Cheese Find!

Cowgirl Creamery's

SF Drake

The Covert Cheese
When conditions are right you can find SF Drake. In 2003 and 2004 we found it in the Spring but we’ve not been lucky enough to catch it since then. We’re told it was available this spring and around the holidays last year.

We originally believed it to be a Spring cheese, the taste lingering in our minds. But we’ve inquired at Artisan Cheese (in SF) many times as to when SF Drake would be available – some queries even meeting blank stares. The official story is that it’s a very limited special cheese – not a regular production cheese – and it’s a treat! It’s not mentioned on the Cowgirl Creamery website and unfortunately, to those not Bay Area-based, it’s only available in the local area and mostly in their own retail shops. It was available recently and we caught one – the next batch? You’ll just have to keep and eye out for it.

What is it?
A triple-crème pasteurized cow’s milk cheese washed in Beaumes de Venise and topped with macerated currants. Made from organic whole milk from the Straus Family dairy. It has a medium soft creamy paste with a buttery consistency and a subtle, earthy slightly nutty flavor.

Joanne's Great
Cheese Finds!

Mitica's Miticrema

A sheep’s milk cheese heralded as the first spreadable Spanish sheep’s milk cheese. From the Murcia region of Spain.

Miticrema has a dense cream cheese-like consistency. Salty and acidic with a bit of bitterness and cream on the finish with some sweetness bundled in. The acids make it sing. Try on a bagel or with fruit preserves on a good bread. It’s much more complex than you would guess.

Made by Mitica and Imported by Forever Cheese in Long Island, NY. It comes in a tiny glass jar.

Cowgirl Creamery's

Pierce Pt

A seasonal treasure from Cowgirl Creamery is Pierce Pt. which is produced only in the Fall and Winter, replacing St. Pat’s (their Spring cheese). Made from organic whole milk from the Straus Family dairy, Pierce Pt is washed in a muscato wine and rolled in dried herbs from the Tomales Bay coastal region.

It’s a creamy, complex cheese superbly complimented by the herbs that surround it. It has a medium soft buttery paste. A good loaf of bread and a Pierce Pt is hard to beat. We recently had it at our Cherrybrook Farm dinner as part of the aperitif.

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