Jack's Great
Cheese Find!

Robiola sapore di bosco

We purchased this cheese from Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Plaza Marketplace in San Francisco. It turns out that this is a very hard to find cheese, so Cheese Hunters, rise to the challenge!

The cheese is made in the Central Alps regions of Italy (in the Valley Taleggio) by Arrigoni Valtaleggio. It’s a washed rind cheese made from pasteurized brown alpine cow’s milk. The cheese is aged 50-60 days and has a fresh fruity flavor when young and a stronger more pungent nose and flavor when aged longer. When young it could be described as the Italian version of French brie. It was the hit of the cheese plate at our July salt & rosé tasting.

Special thanks to Cowgirl Creamery for the information on this cheese, as I could find little to no information on it elsewhere.

Janet Fletcher wrote on Robiola in her Cheese Course column for the San Francisco Chronicle. The article doesn't address this cheese specifically but it provides interesting information on Robiola cheeses.
Joanne's Great
Cheese Find!

Cypress Grove's
Purple Haze

I’m still trying to love all goat cheeses. At the stage I’m at, what I can appreciate is a really good chèvre...

This relatively new offering from Cypress Grove combines a fantastically creamy and light chèvre with a subtle flavoring of lavender buds and wild harvested fennel pollen – and I love it! What’s really surprising about that is that I’m not usually fond of the flavors of lavender or fennel but in Purple Haze they are combined to achieve a honey’d warmth in an already wonderful spreadable goat cheese – the flavors don’t overwhelm but rather they complement the chèvre.

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