May 23, 2006 - Joanne

Great Cheese Find!
Raw Sheep's milk cheese from Virginia

from Everona Dairy

Piedmont is a farmstead cheese made in Rapidan, Virginia by Dr. Pat Elliott. At Everona Dairy, her farm, Elliot raises sheep and produces sheep's milk cheeses. A farmstead means the cheese is produced on the same farm where the animal that produced its milk thrives.

Piedmont cheese is handmade from unpasteurized (raw) milk and is aged for about six months leaving it nutty with a hint of sweetness and a buttery pleasant finish. It has a gray brown firm (and edible!) rind scored with tiny cubes. The paste ranges from ivory at the center to an almost golden ivory at the rind. According to Elliot, "Piedmont possesses twice the vitamins, proteins and calcium of a comparable cow's milk cheese because it is made from sheep’s milk." The sheep (her herd totals almost 100) are pasture grazed.

Try Piedmont paired with a full-bodied red wine. We enjoyed it with a crisp white Fiano from DeConciliis called Antece.

Everona Dairy
23246 Clarks Mountain Road
Rapidan, VA 22733
(540) 854 - 4159

We find Piedmont regularly at Dean & DeLuca in Saint Helena, CA.

Online Source: Everona Dairy Direct or try this link:

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More Information:
Cheese By Hand visited Everona Dairy.
Piedmont - Rind




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