April 2, 2007 - Joanne
La Pierre Doree

La Pierre Dorée du Beaujolais

Raw goat's milk from Beaujolais, France
Pierre Doree means "golden stone," referring to the honey-coloured sandstone which is a soil type in the Beaujolais region of France, where this cheese is made.

The cheese itself has a "gilded" sort of coloring to it and is in the form of a small tall cylinder with a puckered rind. It's a raw goat's milk cheese. Pierre Doree is kept outside in hottest part of the summer in a very windy place where it dries it out and allows it to be kept a long time.

The La Pierre Doree du Beaujolais I enjoyed was imported by The Peterson Company in Washington and I believe it to be a Chantal Plasse selection. I believe it to be made by Laiterie ET Fromagerie D'echalas Bourdin ET Cie in Givors. I purchased this cheese at Dean & Deluca in Saint Helena.

La Pierre Doree bottomLa Pierre Doree - Top label removed
La Pierre Doree RindLa pierre doree side

Close Up of La Pierre DoreeJoanne’s Tasting Notes:
The La Pierre Dorée du Beaujolais has a scent of fresh salted butter, and salt. Very clean buttery fragrance with a hint of animal. The cheese has a chalky surface with a tiny bit of grease left behind on the fingers. The rind is right on the surface; no sense of divison between the interior of the cheese and the rind. Quite firm texture and crumbly.  Crumbly in mouth also, the slight sweetness finishes in a slight bitter acidity.

The Pierre Doree has a creaminess in the center and a tannic finish with definite notes of animal lingering. There are elements of dry grass and hay. Towards the rind there is a definite change in flavor and musty cellar notes add in. Reminds me of a spanish sheep cheese - the texture is very cheddar-ish. Try with a fruit paste or mostarda to balance the dry acidity.

La Pierre Doree Dean & Deluca - La Pierre Doree

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