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Tomme de Yenne
(Tommette de Yenne, Tomette de Yenne)

Tome de Yenne

Not well known, Tomme de Yenne is a deliciously soft, melt-in-your-mouth cheese. It’s made from pressed uncooked cow’s milk aged a minimum of one month. It's a "tome style" cheese made in the Rhone-Alpine region in France.

Tomm de Yenne

During its maturing period the cheese develops a gray rind that is covered with red and yellow mold. The pâte (dough), originally white, will, with maturity, turn a creamy yellow. The longer it is matured, the more the flavors become concentrated and pronounced. It’s similar to Tome de Savoie or Beaufort, but with it’s own distinctive character.

Tomme Yenne

Our notes:

Hard whitish gray thick rind. Golden creamy yellow pate. Has notes of comte but more buttery. Semi-hard firm cheese (not grateable) almost a chalky finish with hints of roasted vegetables. A definitive hearty element.

Try pairing with an ale and dried fruit (like figs – or even fresh peaches). Great lunch cheese. Might work in a panini. Really likeable. Almost a cross between a pecorino and cheddar with a slightly peppery aftertaste! A perfect country cheese to serve with a charcuterie plate or as part of a rustic or picnic lunch.

Only one of the cheese books in my library listed it, The Cheese Primer by Steven Jenkins, although the listing is a photo. Jenkins does have some great insight on tome – which is a word derived from hunk, piece or round and denotes that the milk is gathered from several or many locally pastured herds.

Yenne suggest serving Tommette de Yenne “ slices between two pieces of country bread, or at the end of a meal with raisins and fresh figs. Serve with a regional wine from the Rhone-Alpes area.”

Mystery Cheese Pick!


We tasted: Brezouard with herbs.

From Alsace-Lorraine: We loved this cheese. It has a stinky element but is semi-hard with herbs rolled in - they enhance the flavor rather than "are" the flavor. The semi-hard rind is reddish orange with streaks of white. The cheese itself has a buttery light yellow color with scattered holes (and herbs). A similar cheese is perhaps an Alsace Muenster? We purchased this cheese from

We ate this cheese with a Barolo and it didn't clash, but Jack would try it next time with a good dry Gewϋrtztraminer from Alsace.



The Mystery: We have no other information on this cheese – nor could we find any! Not one of the cheese books I have list it. (who we ordered it from) don’t even have a description. We would have featured this cheese here but we thought since it was so hard to get and so mysterious we wouldn’t torture you… but if you happen to come across it – Try it!

We believe it’s made by: Sophie & Christian Kletty, 8 Ferme du Brezouard, 68150 Aubure - but don’t quote me yet.

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