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Cahill's Porter Cahills Plain Porter Irish Specialty Cheese Hand Crafted Irish Cheddar with Porter
Great Cheese Find:

Cahill's Porter
or Cahills Plain Porter Cheese

Top of Cahills Porter CheeseDave & Marion Cahill, of Cahill’s Farm, have been offering cheese since the early 80's in Co. Limerick, Ireland. Marion Cahill makes flavored cheddars from Old Limerick recipes. The Ardagh Chalice Wine Cheese flavored with Elderberry Wine and Cahills Whiskey Cheese flavored with Irish Whiskey, are available in the US, but the Ballintubber Cheese with Chives and, Ballyporeen Cheese with Mixed Irish Herbs are not.

Cahill’s Porter is an Irish cheddar flavored with their own, farm-made, Irish Porter (like Guinness Stout). The cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk (from a Friesian herd). All of their cheeses are hand-crafted and individually blended, with no artificial ingredients. Marion uses vegetable rennet, making Cahill’s Porter also a vegetarian choice. The finished cheese is sealed in a brown wax truckle (it’s made in large 5lb and small 190g sizes). You can tell the cheese by the color of the wax – the Cahills Porter is brown, the other Cahills cheeses are sealed in red, green, yellow, or black.

Side view of Cahills Porter CheeseJoanne's Tasting Notes: A dark brown wax-rind (remove before eating) cheese.
The pate is marbled cubes of light beige/brown in dark brown. The cheese breaks easily and could be melted or grated. Really good on a ploughman's plate or lunch with beer. Would be good paired with ripe pear or cooked apple. It's a semi-hard cheese with a floral cheddery nose of fresh butter. The pate has a meaty texture with caramel and chocolatey, almost malty notes.

Label of Cahills PorterMore Reading:
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