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Abbaye de Tamie cow's milk cheese made by Trappist Monks - washed rind cheese

Abbaye de Tamie

Abbaye de Tamie is a pressed, washed rinded uncooked/raw cow's milk cheese, made by the Cistercian Monks (Trappist) of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Tamie, in Albertville, Savoie, France (the Rhone/Alpes region). The milk comes from eight farms in the valley of Tamie and is collected daily and brought to the abbey. The cows graze on alpine meadows in the summer and are fed grain/hay in the winter.

Abbaye de Tamie is a soft cheese which is similar to Reblochon, but stronger in flavor and usually larger, although it does come in two sizes, 1.4kg and 600g rounds. The rind is washed with brine. It is aged in the vaulted cellers of the abbey where it is cared for; bathed and rubbed every other day.

Abbaye de Tamie
sports a distinctive blue (and red) label with a bold blue maltese cross and a picture of the abbey. The french label has a more subtle blue with the abbaye in a sepia tone. The cheese is meltable and would also work in a sandwich.

Joanne’s Tasting Note: Nose of wet cow and ammonia. Definitely in the stinky category. Pate is golden cream colored and has some medium sized holes. The pate is semi-soft to soft and slightly gooey. It's almost spreadable at room temperature, but holds its form and doesn’t run. Pate is smooth and silky in the mouth and it doesn’t immediately melt away immediately. A hint of sweet hay and fresh cream with a tiniest bit of bitterness on the finish. Good acids in this cheese. Near the rind more traits of stinky cheeses and wet cellar with ammonia and acridity on the finish. The rind is orange brown with a thin dusting of mold mostly white but yellows and browns as well.

Wine Pairing suggestion: Cru Beaujolais

Abbaye de Tamie cow's milk cheese made by Trappist Monks
Abbaye de Tamie label

To Purchase:
Fromages.com  - Ships to the USA from France.

Cowgirl Creamery - has a listing for Abbaye de Tamie from Affineur Jean d'Alos - but it is not regularly in stock.

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Dean & Deluca - Abbaye de Tamie
We purchased the cheese from Dean & DeLuca in St. Helena, Ca.

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