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Brescianella Stagionata

Brescianella Stagionata is an aged Robiola (a few months old – 6 months) with a washed-rind from Lombardy, Italy. It is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. The cheese is marrowy and melting with a strong intense flavor (i.e. stinky). If well-aged, it will be almost runny at room temperature – and that is the best stage IMHO. A younger-aged (only 3-5 weeks) Brescianella is Appassita. It has a more delicate flavor.

Brescianella Stagionata

To Find This Cheese:
We don’t have an online source for this cheese. Your best bet would be to contact the importer directly - Fresca Italia. You can email them for a local source. Or you can ask your local cheese store to order it from them. We bought ours from Dean & DeLuca in St. Helena.

Special note: It says on the label to store this cheese at 4 to 6 degrees C. (39F to 43F). So who has a place at this temperature at home? Wine cellar, 55-57F. Refrigerator, 33-38F. Ack!
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Flower Marie

Flower Marie cheese label

A square soft, white cheese made by Kevin and Alison Blunt of Greenacres Farm in Devon England (Lewes, East Sussex). It’s a Neal's Yard Selection. The cheese is really runny inside and divine, it has a delicate almost nutty flavor. You will scrape the plate. We bought ours from Dean & DeLuca. I didn't get to eat much of it though - it was quickly devoured by our happy guests at Spring into Summer party.

Flower Marie cheese

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