The Cheese Files
Updated August 2011- Joanne

Joanne's Latest Cheese Find:
Andante's Bel Canto

Andante's Bel Canto

How to Make an
Interesting Cheese Platter
for a Dinner or Holiday Party

A new article with step-by-step instructions showing you how to make a wonderful cheese platter.

The Ultimate Butter Page!
A new addition to Fork & Bottle is this page that
is devoted to real butter.

Cheese Tasting Notes
Joanne attended
Artisanal's Master Cheese Intensive Class
in August, 2006. Each lesson contains the tasting notes
from a class, with photos of each cheese.

Lesson One - The Cheese Plate - 11 Cheeses

An Evening with Affineur Pascal Beillevaire
Notes and tasting notes from Pascal's March, 2007 visit to the Cheese School of San Francisco.

Classifying Cheese & Textures,
Types of Cheese

Plus a note on cheese orgins.
*New* June 2007

Our Visit to Jean d'Alos
Notes from our visit to the famed affineur's
cheese store in Bordeaux –
September, 2001

Our Great
Cheese Finds

Abbaye de Citeaux
Abbaye de Citeaux
Abbaye de Tamie
Bel Canto
Brescianella Stagionata
Cahill's Porter
Celtic Promise
Cone de Port Aubry
Époisses (Epoisses)
Flower Marie
La Pierre Doree du Beaujolais
Laura Chenel's Pepper Goat Cheese
Miticrema (Mitica's)
Persille de Tignes
Piedmont (Everona's)
Pierce Pt
Pierre Doree du Beaujolais
Purple Haze
Regal de Bourgogne
Robiola di Castagna
Robiola sapore di bosco
Selles sur Cher
SF Drake
Sot la trape
Spring Hill Jersey Cheddar
Stanser Schafkase
Tomme de Yenne
Tommette Morgee au Seyssel
Tumin del Dian

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