Fork & Bottle...
...hails from beautiful Santa Rosa, California. We, Jack and Joanne, do all the writing and photography, except where noted. We are also the code monkeys, creating all the web pages ourselves in Dreamweaver.

But Who Are We?
Perhaps we're best described as treasure hunters; seeking out new foods, drinks, wines, cheeses, etc., and boldly going where other gastronauts may not have gone yet.

We’ve been taking notes about foods we’ve eaten, restaurants we’ve dined at, wines we’ve drunk, what we’ve grown, what we’ve cooked, as well as mail order experiences, tasting events, travels, etc., for years. Very slowly, we’ve been turning these notes and resources into web pages.

We desire great food and drink that is sustainable and organic. We support biodiversity and we care about what we eat and drink. We are always in search of exciting foods and drinks – especially hand-made or artisan ones – and we are always trying something new. One of our missions is to put our great finds on Fork & Bottle so you can find and enjoy them too.

A short History of the site:
Fork & Bottle was launched June 18, 2005, after we had spent a good year of writing and organizing material. This is why you see dates of articles on some pages that are before our launch.

In June 2005, Michael Everitt of Everitt Studios did a last minute redesign of our site and got us launched.

At launch, we had about 175 pages up. By the end of 2005 we had more than 275 pages. As of November 2005 we were being read regularly in more than 50 countries. As of June 2006 our pages have been read in over 100 countries and we have about 350 pages live.

Constantly Improving
If you've followed us from the start, you'll have noticed that we are always trying to improve our site. We periodically go through almost every page on the site and revise/rewrite/improve them when we can.

We would like to add commenting, but have yet to find quality code that we can integrate in.

If you have an idea for improving our site, don't be shy, send us email!

Jack & Joanne
Our three wines (extremely hand-made) from
the 2003 vintage, with medals from
the 2005 Sonoma County Harvest Fair

This is simply the name of our house - and Wyndhavyn Gardens are our flower and vegetable gardens. Our house is up on a hill and has a nice microclimate where the wind keeps us slightly cooler in the summer and in the winter we're sheltered by oaks and bay trees. Wyndhavyn is the name for the house that Joanne came up with.

Our Mission – and Why we Exist:
After being asked way too many times at a restaurant, wine tasting, etc., "Are you in the industry?" or "Do you own a restaurant?", we decided to create a website where we could:
  •  Share our growing and evolving food and wine (and cheese!) knowledge.
  •  Point to the best sites on the web for food and wine sources and resources (many of which are often hard-to-find).

  •  Review foods, events, etc., for which there are few or no reviews. Ones we'd like to read.
  •  Grow and evolve our own resources and knowledge and share our experiences with our readers.

Our goal was to create both a useful and fun website. We think that learning about food and drink is difficult and we hope to help bridge it in both small and large ways.

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